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"I have been doing my tax returns with Nadadur Vardhan since last 6 years and I can assure you your information is secure, your tax refunds are maximum and you get tremendous support from the associates. They are very professional in handling tax matters, you can discuss all your financial plans, investments, activities you went through in the financial year and they will suggest you what to do in order to get the maximum refund."

-Subhashish Patra, Federal Way, WA

"Nadadur Vardhan and his staff have been always efficient and prompt in handling Tax matters. I have been associated with Vardhan for more than three decades and his present staff is no less in following his discipline and acumen of Laws and its application . I strongly recommend Nadadur and his team to get their tax work done through them."

-Ramaswamy S Rajan, Los Angeles

"Vardhan was a dear friend. He will be missed by all friends whom he mas many of. May his soul rest in peace? He had a passion for helping others and was compassionate. He was a dear, dear, friend."

-Vrdhan was a dear friend. He will be missed by all friends whom he mas many of. May his soul rest in peace and his vision of helpiong others is furthered during the yesrs to come? He was a dear dear friend., Sunder Rajan, Anaheim , CA

"Vardhan started his career as a tax accountant in US after he immigrated from India. I offered him his first job. I was amazed at his speed of grasping American tax laws. The first tax return that he prepared was of Lionel Richie which was very complicated. He completed the tax return much ahead of the timeline and was to the total satisfaction of me and client. Subsequently, he worked on tax and accounting issues of legendary personalities like Martin Scorsese and Linda Evans."

-Laura Fletcher, Prominent tax accountant in entertainment industry

"Nadadur Vardhan Inc. has done an outstanding job preparing my taxes, providing financial advice and managing my company's payroll activities since 1984 and still continues to assist me today. They are experts in many critical financial areas and have saved me thousands of dollars with their insightful business consulting. Their attention to detail and outstanding ability to understand what legal accounting responsibilities an individual or a corporation needs to run a business smoothly regardless where they reside enabled me to increase the resources/employees/contractors my clients needed throughout the US and abroad. Nadadur Vardhan Inc. takes the time consuming logistical tax and accounting problems away from me and allows me to focus on delivering the services my clients need. I have worked with many organizations and can say with certainty that I know what ethics, honor, loyalty, and unconditional generosity means. These are only a few words to describe Nadadur and his team. I would highly recommend anyone to outsource the important and necessary accounting process to Nadadur Vardhan Inc."

-Robert Caggiano, CEO, Vistara Technologies, Inc

"From professional side, Vardhan's thinking ensures that one keeps more within tax framework. Overall I must say I've gotten a good deal."

-Jeannine Oppewall, Oscar nominated production designer

"Our group which is into computer security business has achieved great success across the globe. We recently moved to US on investor’s visa to setup US operations for our group. Nadadur Vardhan Inc helped us comply with US tax laws keeping in perspective our global operations and immigration requirements. Mr. Nadadur Vardhan planned and strategized the tax compliance for our partnerships and business partners with utmost precision. As a result, our group is totally tax compliant and at the same time optimized on tax liability. We are very impressed and satisfied with the services received from Nadadur Vardhan Inc."

-JPLAL Investment Americas LLC, Los Angeles area, CA

"This firm is the very Best! I am a business owner for 20+ years. Recently I was in a legal business dispute, whereby a federal judge requested that both parties supply business financial statements and tax filings for the past four years to the court. We did not have the documents and we had not filed our taxes, I was very concerned. Nadadur Vardhan Inc. advised us "Not to worry" and requested that we gather the four years of business receipts and simply place them into a box (we did not even have to sort the receipts), bring the bank statements for the past four years and they would do the rest! I am pleased to say, our taxes were filed and we were in compliance, our business financials were crystal clear and our case settled with no trial."

-Barrett Laroda, Malibu, CA

"My name is Rasheed Yusuf and I owed over $40,000 to the Board of Equalization ('BOE') for sales tax for a failed gas station business. I had consulted several accountants/attorneys to assist in resolving my situation but to no avail. As a result of this failed business, I was forced to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and surrender my house of 13 years. Basically, I had lost everything and now had the BOE harassing me for the only non dischargeable debt that I had left. I was recommended to Mr. Nadadur Vardhan by his brother who I had known for over 15 years. Believe me, this was the best thing that ever happened to me as he was able to get an offer in compromise accepted for a mere $3000. Today, I feel I have been given second chance at earning the American dream as I can now focus on the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Vardhan and his associates to solve any tax problems you may have."

-Rasheed Yusuf, Los Angeles area, CA

"I have used Nadadur for my tax return preparation for... must be 25 or so years. Nadadur has always proven to be the best expert in his services nationwide. Thank you Nadadur!"

-George, Columbia

"I contacted Nadadur Vardhan when IRS informed me that I am being audited for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009. I did not know how to go about the audit process. But Nadadur Vardhan and his staff were very responsive and helpful and organized the documentation and represented me before IRS. Their expertise and knowledge helped me get through the audit with minimum disallowances. I am very much pleased with Nadadur Vardhan Inc's style of approaching and resolving my complex audit and decided to go with them for my personal and corporation taxes going forward."

-Sunder Rajan, Scientist, Anaheim, CA

"Nadadur Vardhan has been my accounting and tax consultant for over five years dealing with both personal taxes and corporate taxes. His grasp of the US tax systems and ability to address nuances in the law for unique situations is quite extraordinary. He has a great team of tax professional who are very knowledgeable in the area of corporate and personal taxation, very responsive and great to work with."

-Entrepreneur, Los Angeles area, CA

"I've been seeing Nadadur for my tax returns for the last 20 years since I came out to the Los Angeles area. He does a great job and is always up to date with all the latest tax codes. I highly recommend Nadadur and his team for anyone seeking to get their tax returns done."

-Michael Piccus, Los Angeles area, CA

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